Code of Conduct

The British Improv Project (BIP) is committed to holding events without discrimination, harassment, insult or abuse.

What we want:

“To learn with fun, laughter, respect and kindness in a safe and supportive environment”.

Who is responsible:

Everyone.​ If you are attending a BIP event, it is expected you are familiar with these Codes of Conduct and will abide by them. Non-compliance may result in words of advice, warnings, expulsion from the event and being banned from future attendance.


Comedy is a peculiar beast and may seek to explore difficult subjects.

Code of Conduct
An indicative framework of standards of behaviour for the ​entirety​ of your time at BIP

  1. Be respectful and considerate of each other. Be kind.
  2. Be inclusive, not exclusive.
  3. Be aware of personal boundaries – physical and sexual – and respect them.
  4. There is no place for racist, sexist or other exclusionary behaviour.
  5. Avoid putting yourself or others in physical danger.
  6. Respect the right to choose whether or not to participate in an activity.
  7. Accommodate and tolerate different opinions and perspectives and sort out disagreements by rational and respectful discussion if appropriate.
  8. Do not turn up to training sessions under the influence of drugs or excessive use of alcohol.
  9. Be punctual.
  10. Do not record or photograph anyone without their permission.
  11. Adhere to any class agreements.
  12. Do not be disruptive in any setting.


  1. A safe physical and emotional environment at all times.
  2. To feel supported. To learn in a non-critical environment.
  3. To be able to be your authentic self.
  4. To feel secure to stop a scene you do not wish to be a part of.
  5. To be able to refuse any request or offer that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  6. To feel safe to report any issue or concern you have. In order to do so there will be welfare officers in place. This can also be done anonymously.

Kate Knight and Jo Glover February 2020

The BIP Welfare Team