Code of Conduct

British Improv Project Events

Code of Conduct for all Participants

To enable fun, respect and kindness whilst learning comedy improv in a safe and supportive environment”.

British Improv Project (BIP) seeks to provide a safe, inclusive and positive learning environment 

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to create a common understanding of the standards of behaviour expected from all participants at BIP.

It is the responsibility of all participants to be familiar with and to abide by this Code.  

Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action including expulsion from training sessions, activities and to future attendance.

Every participant has a right to freedom of expression. This Code will be interpreted and applied in a way that is consistent with that right. 

If a participant believes that a breach of the Code has occurred, a member of the BIP organisational team must be informed at the earliest opportunity, for example, at the end of the class.

Responsibility must also lie with teachers to be aware of any breaches and to deal with it accordingly.

Section 1: Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct provides an overview of BIP’s expectations of how participants must conduct themselves during activities. It does not attempt to provide a detailed and exhaustive list; rather it sets out a framework of standards of behaviour that participants are expected to adhere to.

All participants are expected to observe the following standards:

a) Show courtesy, consideration and respect for each other.

b) Adhere to and respect the personal boundaries of others, including (but not limited to) physical contact.

c) Avoid putting yourself or other participants in physical danger (do not ask anyone to do something dangerous or simulate violence in an unsafe way).

d) Respect the right of all participants to choose whether or not to participate in an activity.

e) Promote dignity and respect for others by avoiding behaviour which is, or might reasonably be perceived as, harassing, bullying or intimidating.

f) Work collaboratively, and within the spirit of the BIP cooperative ethos, when dealing with other participants and venue staff.

g) Accommodate and tolerate different opinions and perspectives and sort out disagreements by rational and respectful discussion if appropriate.

h) Avoid using obscene, abusive or offensive language where appropriate.

i) Show respect for diversity and do not abuse, vilify or insult any other person.

k) Respect the right of all participants to engage in learning without disruptive interruption.

l) Not turn up to training sessions under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

m) Respect the privacy of others as well as the needs of other (non-BIP) guests at the venue.

n) Observe punctuality for all activities.

o) Adhere to any class Group Agreements.

Section 2: Your Rights

As a participant of BIP, you have the right to:

  1. A safe physical and emotional environment at all times.
  2. Your dietary needs catered for.
  3. Dedicated Welfare Officers who will be available to listen and offer support and also to record and investigate any complaints or breaches of the Code of Conduct.
  4. Decide how much you participate in sessions and activities without being criticised or coerced.
  5. Refuse any request or offer that makes you feel uncomfortable, whether in a class, performance or in down time at BIP. 
  6. Stop a scene that you do not want to be part of.
  7. Report any issue that you want to raise to the official BIP team either in person or anonymously

The list of people you can contact are:
Alex, Bobby, Jen, Carly, Jo, Kate