Our goals are:

  • To raise the overall standard of improvisation across Britain
  • To enhance the profile and raise awareness of improv as an art form
  • To build a network of improvisers around the country, and bring the national community together
  • To create fun, co-operative events, where improvisers of every level can learn, work, and play together.

The British Improv Project is managed by Geoff Monk & Tom Young, and run with a co-op ethos.

Geoff is in charge of the events’ administration. He’s a founding member of Nottingham’s MissImp, and the Nottingham Improvised Comedy Experience (NICE). He moved to Cornwall in 2019 and has plans to help develop an improv scene and events there.

Tom is in charge of programming and training. He’s a founding member of The Same Faces (based in Leicester & Northampton), and is also the group’s director, as well as teaching multiple improv workshops per week, to various age groups.

The “Alex App” A digital version of the weekend Programme link for May ’24 http://bip-app.neocities.org/

Printable PDF version of May ’24 Programme link

Yarnfield Park represents exceptional value for our type of event, so we secure dates far in advance!
Dates for our next event will be published here :

3-5 May 2024 – open to bookings around the end of November ’23
8-10 November 2024 – – bookings open around the end of May ’24
2-4 May 2025
07 – 09 November 2025 – 10 year BIP anniversary!!
10-12 April 2026
13-15 November 2026

To get the dates and booking form link first join our group on SPOND https://group.spond.com/KYDCU 
After SPOND we send the link out to the mailing list – sign up to our mailing list on MailChimp or 
Lastly it is posted onto Facebook, but it sold out within 3 days of release last time, so be quick!


In 2015, Geoff Monk (Nottingham Improv Comedy Experience (NICE)/MissImp) had an idea to go to Edale YHA for a weekend of improv, where participants from groups across the Midlands would draw on each other’s experience and lead workshops. Hoping that about 20 might go, 32 showed up that November! It was so popular that this quickly led to the idea that the event would be repeated twice a year in various Midlands locations. Tom Young (The Same Faces) volunteered to co-host the events and in the Spring of 2016 we went to Hothorpe Hall with over 50 improvisers! Two more events followed at the Hallmark Hotel Stourport Manor and Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire. 

“UK Improv Weekends and Events” became a temporary name, then as of May 2017 the organisation was re-branded as “The British Improv Project” as our participant base are not just from the Midlands, but from all over the UK, Germany, and the USA. 

November 2019 marked our 10th event, now at Stoke Rochford Hall, near Grantham where nearly 80 attended. That was due to continue in April & November of 2020, but Covid19 cancelled both. We resumed in November 2021 at Yarnfield Park which is now our favoured ‘regular’ venue with events twice yearly currently planned through to November 2026. 

Looking to the future we hope to add a longer summer event in a UK holiday destination which will combine improv with other leisure and social activities. 

Geoff Monk & Tom Young are the joint organisers of The BIP, and continue to provide affordable, top quality improv training, outside of London.

Tom Young (left) & Geoff Monk (right) – co-organisers of the British Improv Project

Full Venue History

November 2015 – Edale Youth Hostel, Derbyshire
15-17 April 2016 – Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire 
November 2016 – Stourport Manor Hotel, West Midlands
April 2017 – Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffs
November 2017 – Scalford Hall, Melton Mowbray
20-21 April 2018 – Scalford Hall, Melton Mowbray
9-11 November 2018 – Stoke Rochford Hall 
12-14 April 2019 – Stoke Rochford Hall 
8-10 November 2019 – Stoke Rochford Hall 
April 2020 – Pandemic cancelled 
November 2020 – Pandemic cancelled
April 2021 – Pandemic cancelled
19-21 November 2021 – Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffs
8-10 April 2022 – Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffs
4-6 November 2022 – Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffs
28-30 April 2023 – Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffs
10-12 November 2023 – Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffs
3-5 May 2024 – Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffs
8-10 November 2024 – Yarnfield Park
2-4 May 2025 – Yarnfield Park
7 – 9 November 2025 – Yarnfield Park – 10 YEARS OF BIP
10-12 April 2026 – Yarnfield Park
13-15 November 2026 – Yarnfield Park

Our weekend events are run on a co-op ethos, and without a desire to make any profit. The usual great range of workshops are taught by those attending the event, featuring some of the UK’s most experienced improvisers & workshop leaders.

Although the venue has raised prices for 2024, the co-op ethos means that we can still bring you these weekends with outstanding value.
The cost of the November 2024 event is £180pp twin share/double room, or £220pp for a single room.

The cost includes all teaching, buffet service food, self service coffee, tea and accommodation – you only need to pay for evening drinks from the bar or snacks and Costa coffees. 

Arrive on Friday and check into your room from 4pm. Registration also begins at 4pm, then we have dinner at 6pm and a warmup and workshop at 7.00pm. With all food and accommodation covered in your rate, the weekend concludes with lunch on Sunday. If you arrive by train, we suggest you book your return for after 3pm. Stations are either STAFFORD (quickest from London) or STONE (walking distance to venue if you enjoy a 3 mile hike). Cheapest is to buy your ticket to STAFFORD. You can connect to STONE via an 8 minute local train with hourly departures. 

Optionally you can arrive on Thursday and avoid the mad dash of Friday traffic. We have a £60 B&B room rate for Thursday night and for the last 3 events at least 10 of us have met up and gone to a local pub. We also have a workshop room available all day Friday for improv practice or board games. 

Booking and/or waitlist request is available via link below for the current event and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Google forms booking link for Nov ’24   CLICK HERE